The Neil Diamond Tribute


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....."Where it began"  
Ian Warner has been a professional singer for many years.His impressions started at a very young age, when impersonating TV personalities/friends/newsreaders/and singers, a child with a gift of vocal mimic and mannerisms. As time grew, so did Ian's love for music, particularly singing & impressions, playing in various bands, as the front man, and later picking up rhythm guitar. 

... "But then i know it's growing strong"

Over the years many have recognized his talent for impersonations, Particularly Neil Diamond, commenting on how  "truly amazingly close" his voice is when 'being Neil'.So....  Ian researched, rehearsed, and released his Neil Diamond Tribute Show. 

By no means wanting to be 'Just another Tribute act' had to be right, everything had to be right. A complete Neil Diamond Show. Ian has been performing 'as Neil' for many years now. Loving every performance, receiving high acclaim & return bookings both home & abroad. 

Ian has taken his tribute all over the world, gaining friends and fans of his show global, & perfecting his tribute as International. Performing anywhere, from holiday centers & 5 star hotels , to small private functions, corporate events,  and intimate wine bars.

Available solo with live studio tracks, or with his live band.