The Neil Diamond Tribute


Over the years, many engagements have also been made within Film and Television,  too many to mention!.  

Ian has had many 'walk on' parts, 'one-liners',  and general Supporting Artist,  for many Film and T.V productions. Appearing in the credits several times. He has appeared in almost everything and anything, from EastEnders, Casualty, Holby City, The Bill,  to Movies such as Gideon's Daughter-(with Tom Hardy & Bill Nighy) ~ under the immediate direction of Stephen Poliokoff ,  28 Weeks Later-(with Robert Carlisle), Casino Royale-(with Daniel Craig), Dustin Hoffman's 'Last Chance Harvey', The Davinchi Code-(with Tom Hanks), Julie & The Cadillac's-(with Toya Wilcox ), also The Magic Flute-(under the immediate direction of Kenneth Branagh), to name just a few. 

He has also appeared in the Beatles video 'free as a bird' , playing 50's Star 'Dion'. Other appearances have included: City Lights-(with Robson Green), Wal-Mart Canada Commercial, Boddingtons UK Commercial, DFS Commercial, Coronation Street Cadburys Commercial.  ... 

"it has been a great time being involved with this, although mainly as a 'supporting artist', I have felt privileged to have had the opportunity, and to have met some very exclusive people!....  I am not keen on name dropping, ... but! ... I've been privileged to have met and worked alongside: Robert Carlisle, Tom Hardy (in Gideon's Daughter), Bill Nighy,  Daniel Craig in Casino Royale, Tom Hanks in The Davinci Code ... Dustin Hoffman in Last Chance Harvey.. Yes I filmed with, and met, the legendary Dustin Hoffman!.  Just a few of Many movies I have worked in.  Although this has been a great experience... I have also appeared in what has been logged as  'one of the worst movies of all time' !!... this was called 'Julie and The Cadillac's  !! .. it was still a great two days filming nether the less!..  spending the day with the lovely 80's singing star Toya Wilcox, made for a fine day!, we did lunch also!".  Working under the immediate direction of Kenneth Branagh at Pinewood Studios, in The Magic Flute, was a great experience ~ I also appear in the credits of this Movie. 

 As mentioned.. name droppers?! :O)  ... Ian Warner

Appearances have included~